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:iconryured:RYURED 4 24
Aight, so excuse me of whatever word I might use in this Journal... whenever I write/talk about this I am pretty pissed... So let me explain what happened first, some retard sent me a note asking me to rp with them. I obviously declined because I don't RP with people that are not my friends. Now what happened after this already started to piss me off... he asked me again... (note: this guy doesn't watch me nor has anything faved from me) So for many all this is still nothing but after that (because I didn't rp with him) he asked me if he can use my fucking characters... that already sounds pretty weird, because he didn't ask to draw them or whatever but rather asked to "use" them. So this fucking retard seriously asked me if he can fucking RP as my character on another side and then tries to argue with me why that is a good thing EVEN THO I ALREADY TOLD THIS IDIOT THAT I DO NOT FUCKING WANT PEOPLE RPing AS ME! Now getting to what I wanted to make clear: do not fucking rp as my characte
:iconpahyula:Pahyula 2 28
Request: You'll never loose you true friends :iconflashbrush:FlashBrush 30 98 Pestering worshipper :iconpahyula:Pahyula 38 57
can we just take a moment
And appreciate how amazing stcole1 is?
This guy has made me feel happy when I'm feeling down..
He gives selflessly when I barely have anything for him..
Thank you bro.. so much..
*hugs tightly*
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The Batter :icontailor-stitch:Tailor-Stitch 9 3
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frost and jinx talking :iconxxthecinnamonbunxx:XxTheCinnamonBunxX 2 3
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frost no stop plz :iconxxthecinnamonbunxx:XxTheCinnamonBunxX 1 7
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Thank you! ^3^
I just wanted to say thank you. C:
I don't usually write journals and I'd like to keep that a tradition, but I just wanted you to know how much you all helped me through the past few weeks, maybe even a month or so. I'm not sure if it happens to me every year, but the beginning of this year was a little bit of a struggle. Not because there was anything... particularly bad that happened, but I had been thinking about the same thing over and over again, the same question repeating in my head day after day. Which is 'Why am I doing this? I find no joy in this, it's the same scheme I'm going through every day, every week, and probably every month/year.' I'm not saying I was depressed, I've never been depressed but this time, I think, I was.. probably the saddest.. I wouldn't go with 'saddest', let's say, I felt the most hopeless.
But I've been getting a lot of attention lately, and as much as I hate to admit it, I love it :D All the favorites, likes, and kind comments.. even though I draw
:iconjigglyjuggle:jigglyjuggle 2 10
thank you everyone for wishing my birthday to be wonderful it was and i got a new laptop a chromebook acer i can now make more pictures to put on here so again thank you all so much *brohoof* :hug:


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United States
Frost Star a Pegasus loyal to his friends and one giantess unicorn mare named starlight-dazzle I hope to make lots of friends :D


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Hey man, just wanted to go and hope you had a wonderful birthday, buddy :) <3
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Happy birthday from nick.
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happy birthday!
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